Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This is Hamlet  as a Great Dane or is it a Great Dane dressed as Hamlet or was Hamlet really a Great Dane to begin with?   This was done for "The Shakespeare Alphabet Book" by Ehren Ziegler and
Shannon Sneedse.  Strangely this book isn't all dogs as you might expect from me.  There is a Beagle
posing as Romeo and of course Hamlet here but the rest are a variety of animals.  I had so much fun
illustrating this book.  I'm hoping to do another one soon.

Take Care, Judy


  1. How perfectly apt, a Great Dane as Hamlet. Well done! That reminds me I must go buy your book for my niece. Hope you are enjoying this marvelous weather!

  2. Thanks, Jan. Our book was on sale yesterday - maybe it will be for a few more days. Hope so.