Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rat Terrier

Is Santa coming?  My stocking is hung; it's on the gate by the house so Santa won't miss it.  I'm waiting. . . will it be tonight?  How much longer?  Will I get a ball,  will he remember how much I want a bone?  I was pretty good this year.  There was a little incident but that was actually the cat's idea so I'm sure it won't count.

Hey, I think I hear sleigh bells . . . I think, I think, oh yes, I can smell Reindeer.  Santa is on his way!


  1. I think I hear bells! Have you seen the Dogshaming blog? It is hilarious. Your rat terrier is so cute, I want to take him home!

  2. Thanks Jan and yes I've seen Dogshaming, I love it.